Sous vide cookers are great to have in the kitchen. With a sous vide you seal your food in an airtight container and cook it in temperature-controlled water. It’s a popular method of cooking food for chefs and it makes sealing in marinades, sauce, herbs, and spices really easy. The water that you cook in never comes to a boil, so you don’t have to worry about it splashing everywhere and it’s a simple but low-key way to cook your evening dinner.

There are two popular and amazing sous vide machines out there, Inkbird and Anova sous vide. Both are great at what they do but does one come out on top compared to the other? We are going to compare these two sous vide cookers and see the pros and cons of each so you can have an easier time deciding what sous vide cooker is better for your kitchen.

Inkbird Sous Vide

The Inkbird Sous Vide is a stainless-steel appliance that not only has a timer, but you can also program yourself. The machine is equipped with 1,000 watts of heating power and offers a fast heat circulation. The cooker is suited for meats, vegetables, fruits, cheese, eggs, and more. The user-friendly touch screen makes it easy to operate the cooker but it’s also easy to understand for beginners.

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If you’re constantly on the go, the Inkbird Sous Vide comes with WIFI where you can use even when you’re not in the kitchen. Download the app and you can easily turn your sous vide on even when you’re on the road. With the app you can set the temperature and timer to fit your needs and free yourself up from having to monitor your food.

The programmable feature allows you to input recipes into your cooker and then later pick which one you want to use. The cooker is silent when it is on, great for people who work at home or need a quiet space for when dinner is cooking. The sous vide holds its temperature well and only takes minutes to set up once you take it out of the box.

The Inkbird Sous Vide also comes at a decent price for a good cooker. You can buy it off Amazon for $79.99 which is a steal of a deal for all the features you get with this cooker.

Inkbird Sous Vide Specs:

Input Power: 120v 60Hz
Heating Power: 1000 watts
Length of Cable: 1.2m
Temperature Range: 77 degrees F- 210 degrees F
Range of Time Setting: Max 99 hours 59 minutes
Item Weight: 3.48 pounds

Anova Culinary AN500-US00 Sous Vide

The Anova Sous Vide will give you perfect results every time you use it. The cooker works great with chicken, fish, vegetables, eggs, and more. This sous vide comes with more power compared to the older models and heats up faster. The machines easily connects to any pot or container and has an adjustable clamp that is also water resistance just in case you drop it in.

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The improved WIFI connection makes it simple to pre-plan your meals and get something started even when you’re not home. The app has thousands of recipes you can go through for free, just in case you need a little extra help planning dinner. We love that you can also use the app to monitor your cooking for anywhere you’re at.

The sous vide is easy to use and it heats your water quickly, but also maintains the water temperature perfectly. It is easy to set up and start using right from the box and when you’re in the process of making food the machine makes minimal noise when it’s cooking.

You can buy the Anova Sous Vide cooker from Amazon.

Anova Sous Vide Specs:

Heating Power: 750 watts
Height: 12.8”
Clamp: Fixed
Voltage: 110-120
Item Weight: 3.29 pounds

Final Thoughts

Overall, both of these sous vide cookers are amazing and does a great job in your kitchen. If you want a more reliable WIFI and app, the Inkbird Sous Vide is the way to go. There are minimal issues with connecting to the WIFI, setting the cooker up, and using the app. With the Anova Sous Vide we found the WIFI to be on the spotter side and it had difficulties connecting to our WIFI at time, which made it hard to program.

The Inkbird cooker comes with an LCD touchscreen, where the Anova only has a light up screen with no touch. That isn’t a huge factor in picking which you like, but it is something to consider. We feel the Inkbird is a better cooker for the price. There are more features with the Inkbird Sous Vide and it comes at a better price compared to what you get with the Anova and the price it comes in at.

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The Inkbird has 1,000 watts of heating power making it heat water at a faster rate, where there Anova only has 750 watts of heating power. It still has a rapid heating element, but less power compared to the Inkbird. Both sous vide machines come with a programmable option which is perfect for anyone on the go or constantly running around the house.

We like that the Anova app comes with recipe ideas that can help make dinner time a little simpler and the clamp that fits on almost any pot in the house, so you don’t have to worry about buying extra for this sous vide. Both have unlimited options on what can be cooked with the sous vide and the timer makes it easier to get the perfect texture of meat.

In the end, the Inkbird is better for the price and features but the Anova also does a great job and purpose for a sous vide cooker. Both will make delicious dinners easily and help take some time off your hands when you’re preparing and cooking dinner. Both of these cookers can also be found on Amazon which makes it simple to buy.

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