You may be wondering what a pizzelle is and what the maker is for. A pizzelle is an Italian appetizer or dessert that is similar to a biscuit or waffle. Pizzelle are smaller cookies that are baked thin and have a crispy texture but are delicious when you bite into them.

When you invest in a pizzelle maker, you can easily make these Italian treats at home. With a pizzelle maker all you need to do is add a little dough to your maker and close the lid, then the rest is up to your pizzelle maker. Investing in a pizzelle maker is a great idea too.

We took a look through Amazon and found some of our favorite pizzelle makers that will do wonders in your kitchen and take no skills at all to use. Here are some of our favorites that we think you should try out for yourself.

Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic

If you’re on the lookout for a good pizzelle maker that will give you crispy and delicious pizzelles, we found it with the Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic. With the Palmer Pizzelle you get two thin 4 ½”-1/4” thick cookies. The product has 120 volts and 800 watts of power and is made with two cast aluminum plates.

The pizzelle comes with a recipe book that will give you an abundance of ideas on what to do with your pizzelle. The pizzelle doesn’t require a lot of product to get your perfect and crispy pizzelles, which can save you time and money cooking with it. Cleaning up is super simple as well. After you’re finished you just wipe the iron down with a wet cloth and leave it to cool. The pizzelle is also small enough to easily store once you’re finished cooking and if you’re looking for a handy and smart gift, we recommend this one.

Why we love it:

  • Easy to Use
  • Great Gift
  • Cleanup is simple
Final thoughts:

Using the Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic was a simple task and our pizzelles came out perfectly. Only using a little batter allowed us to make a ton of pizzelles and they were made in a quick amount of time. Clean up was simple and being able to easily store it once we were finished made it a winner in our book.

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Cuisinart CPP-200 International Chef Crepe/Pizzelle/Pancake Plus

Cuisinart is known for their reliable baking accessories, so we had to get our hands on their version of the pizzelle and see how well it worked out for us. The pizzelle has an 8 ½ inch diameter cooking surface, which can double when the press is left open. Included with the Cuisinart pizzelle are measuring spoons, tongs, and a mini ice cream cone roller, just in case you want to turn your pizzelle into cones.

The lid locks to help ensure no one burns themselves and you can store the pizzelle standing up for an easier solution to space management. The stainless-steel design makes the pizzelle look sleek in our kitchen and we love that it can match our other accessories.  There are lights on this pizzelle that will indicate when it is ready for baking and you can use the controls to help adjust the temperature and add a timer if you need to.

This pizzelle is amazing because it can also be washed in the dishwasher! The inside panels are reversible and non-stick, so you don’t need to worry about an insane mess when making your pizzelles. We also love that it is on the affordable side of kitchen accessories, coming in a round $89.95 for the pizzelle.

Why we love it:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Great Price
  • Standing Storage
Final thoughts:

Let’s cut to the chase, this thing can go in the dishwasher to be cleaned with no issues at all. That makes it an amazing pizzelle. We love how easy it is to use and that it allows us to adjust the temperature and set a timer when we are in use of making pizzelles. The standing storage is nice and does help save space and we can’t argue with the price. It’s a stellar deal for this pizzelle.

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CucinaPro Store Pizzelle Maker

With the CucinaPro Pizzelle maker you get an extra-thick baking plate that will give off an even heat distribution thus allowing you to have the best pizzelles ever. The maker comes with a recipe book that is great for newcomers and we love that we can create two pizzelles at once with this maker. The cookies are about 5 inches big and the maker can also be used to make your own cones.

The pizzelle maker comes with a steam guard that will protect your hands as you’re using the pizzelle maker. The outside of the pizzelle maker is made from aluminum but the inside is made with Teflon to help make sure you have a non-stick base when using it. This pizzelle maker is also super affordable, costing $49.95 to grab it yourself.

Why we love it:

  • Great cost
  • Extra thick baking plates
  • Steam guard
Final thoughts:

We love that the CucinaPro Store Pizzelle Maker has your safety in mind with this pizzelle maker. The steam guard protection is a nice added feature, and we like the extra thick baking plates that will make crispy and delicious pizzelle. If you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on this either, you won’t with this brand.

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MT Dist Nonstick Pizzelle Maker

The MT Dist pizzelle maker is a simple to use appliance. It will help you create delicate and beautiful pizzelles that are 5-inches in size. The maker helps you save time by making two pizzelles at the same time and the machine is so nice and compact that it will save space when you’re storing it in the cupboard. The best part is this pizzelle is made to be stored standing up.

The inside of the pizzelle is made from a non-stick coating that is easy release and simple to clean once you’re finished baking. The clamp is easy to secure and all you need is one hand to completely use this pizzelle maker. It also comes at a pretty decent price for the pizzelle we have seen. You can get the MT Dist pizzelle on Amazon for $60, which isn’t a bad price at all.

Why we love it:

  • Standing storage
  • Two maker
  • Non-stick plates
Final thoughts:

The non-stick plates are the real winners of this pizzelle. It makes creating the pizzelles and cleaning up after them such a simple task that we couldn’t ask for anything more. It comes at a great price and we love the compact design and the ability to be able to stand it up once we are finished using it.

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VillaWare V3600-NS Prego Nonstick Pizzelle Baker

The VillaWare V3600-NS Prego Nonstick Pizzelle Baker is an electric pizzelle maker that makes two, 5-inch Italian pizzelles in only thirty seconds. The maker comes with the traditional imprints of fiorio pattern on each tray that will give you a beautiful waffle-like cookie. The griddle is made with Xylan non-stick grids that will help prevent your pizzelles from sticking.

The machine also gives you a “ready” light, so you know when your pizzelle is great to start baking. The steam guard is great because it will help protect your hands while you are baking your pizzelles. For storage this pizzelle maker comes with a cord wrap that helps keep your appliance neat and tidy. Including with the VillaWare pizzelle baker is a recipe book to give you some great ideas on what you can do with your pizzelle.

Why we love it:

  • Non-stick base
  • Floral patterns on cookies
  • Cord wrap
Final thoughts:

This pizzelle is maker and will remind you of classic cookies your grandma may have made. The cord wrapper makes it easy to store the pizzelle once you’re finished with it and we love that it comes with a steam guard to help protect your hands when you’re in the process of using it. Being able to make cookies in thirty seconds also makes this pizzelle maker a real winner in our book.

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Salton Store Pizzelle Baker Automatic

With the Salton Store Pizzelle Baker Automatic you get a maker that will evenly heat and brown your pizzelles. You can control the temperature yourself to help ensure you get the best pizzelles in the process. The maker will create two cookies at a time and the plates are made with a non-stick coating. This will allow you to have an easy cleanup once you are finished creating your pizzelles.

The design of the pizzelle was created to help save space in your kitchen. The maker is small enough that you can store it standing up inside of your cupboard with no issues at all. The pizzelle maker also comes with its own recipe book to give you fun and unique ideas when you want to change it up a little bit.

The LED light that is on the pizzelle makes it single to see when your pizzelle is ready to eat and there is a ready light to let you know when your pizzelle maker has reached the perfect temperature to start baking. This pizzelle maker also comes at a great price, costing $69.99, plus shipping, to get it to your house.

Why we love it:

  • Non-stick base
  • Ready light
  • Recipe book
Final thoughts:

We love that it comes with a recipe book to help give us new and fresh ideas when we want to use our pizzelle for more creative cookies. The non-stick base makes it easy to use the pizzelle and once we are finished, clean up is no problem at all. The lights are a great addition to the maker and just make the process a lot simpler when using it.

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With any of these pizzelle makers you will have an easy time recreating your favorite crispy and delicious treat. All of these pizzelle makers are easy to use and come at an affordable price, so it won’t be an issue adding it into your kitchen. The best part is the recipe book that is included with your pizzelle so you never will run out of ideas when it comes to using it.

Out of all of these pizzelles, which one is your favorite and which do you think you will invest in first? All are great options for your kitchen and will leave your entire family raving about the amazing pizzelles you made in a matter of seconds.

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