There are many benefits to grinding your own coffee. First it is the best way to know you’re getting the freshest tasting coffee ever. By keeping the beans whole, you slow down the degassing process that causes coffee to lose its flavor. Sometimes you are gift with a whole bag of coffee and the only way to enjoy it is by taking it to be ground or doing the job yourself.

Sure, you can spend your time taking your coffee beans down to the local shop and asking for them to grind it for you, but why waste the time when you can invest in an electric coffee grinder that will save you time and maybe even money in the long run.

With your own coffee grinder, you are in control of the type of brew you want, from fine espresso to a coarse French press. When looking at getting an electric coffee grinder there are a few things to consider. We decided to take a few out for a spin and share our favorite ten electric coffee grinders with you.

1. SHARDOR Coffee Grinder Electric

The SHARDOR coffee grinder is simple to use, all you need to do is add your coffee and press the lid down with the correct time for your perfect custom grind. This electric coffee grinder will give you coarse or fine coffee, French Press, pour over, Moka pot, and espresso. The motor is 200 watts and the machine is made from stainless steel so it will look sleek and stylish in your kitchen.

The bowl can be removed from the base for an easy and convenient clean. The sealing ring helps prevent the coffee from splashing and there’re is a safety lock while the beans are being grounded. The grinder comes with a measure spoon and brush combine for easy measuring and dusting.

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2. Veken Coffee Grinder Electric

If you’re in a hurry for your morning cup of joe, the Veken will get the job done fast. The compact design makes storing easy and the 50g grinding capacity can make around 12 cups of coffee. The embedded cover makes the coffee grinder spill proof and the top is clear so you can see when your coffee is ground to your liking.

This coffee grinder can be used for more than coffee as well. Throw nuts or spices into it to ground whatever you need inside of wasting time of chopping. This coffee grinder also comes in three colors including black, white, and red.

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3. KRUPS F203 Electric Coffee Grinder

In less than ten seconds the KRUPS F203 will have your beans ground and perfect for you next batch of coffee. The grinder can hold 3oz or 85g oz coffee beans at a time and can yield up to 12 cups of coffee with one grind session.

The stainless-steel blades are sharp and powerful, giving your grinds from coarse to espresso. The lid comes with a safety switch for a safe operation when the blade is in motion. If the lid is not properly closed and secure, the blade will not work.

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4. Mueller Austria HyperGrind Precision Electric Coffee Grinder

The Mueller coffee grinder gives a perfect and consistence grind every time. Use your grounds for a pour over, drip, chemex, cold brew, French press, percolator, Aeropress or more versions of coffee. The design is small and compact, so it will take up minimal space on your counter or in your pantry.

The grinding noise is minimum and clean up is simple after you ground your coffee. For a coarse grind it only takes a few seconds but for a finer you might be waiting a tiny bit longer. The Mueller coffee grinder is also great for blending nut, spices, or grains.

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5. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind

The Cuisinart DBM-8 is no joke when it comes to a coffee grinder. The removable grind chamber can hold enough coffee for 32 cups and the turn knob underneath helps guide you to the perfect ground coffee. Once your coffee is ground it is stored in a sealed container that is attached to the coffee grinder.

The stainless-steel design will look great in your kitchen and the automatic stop features makes grinding your coffee simple. The electric timer will automatically turn your coffee grinder off when the cycle is complete, which means you don’t have to wait around for your coffee to be done.

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6. KitchenAid BCG111OB Blade Coffee Grinder

The 160w grinder makes grinding coffee beans simple but also quiet. The stainless-steel blade will give your coffee and rich and aromatic blend. The bowl, blade, and top cover can go straight into the dishwasher for an easy and simple cleanup once you’re done using it.

Depending on the amount of coffee you want to make, this coffee grinder can make four to twelve cups of coffee easily. The clear top cover slides on for a one-touch option, making it easy to see your grind and make sure it is perfect for you.

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7. KF2010 Electric Coffee Grinder

This compact coffee grinder is small and perfect for any kitchen. It will easily and quickly turn any whole bean into fresh ground coffee perfect for your morning glass. The on/off button is easily located and positioned on the safety lid. The grinder won’t operate with the lid securely in place.

The lid is transparent, so you can see when your beans are at the perfect you love. A cleaning brush is included with the grinder, so once your done you can clean your blade before washing it. The grinder can hold 3 ounces of coffee which can make more than one cup of coffee.

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8. Coffee 12 Cup Electric Coffee Grinder

This automatic grinder has three settings, coarse, medium, or fine so you can choose the perfect grind to match your mood. There is an included Chamber Maid Cleaning System that sweeps the chamber walls and reduce the mess and waste from grinding your beans. Depending on the amount of beans and grinds you get, the coffee grinder can make between four and twelve cups of coffee.

The inside chamber is removed and dishwasher safe so all you need to do is rinse before throwing it into and dishwasher. The design is small and sleek, so you can leave it out on your counter or store it in the pantry without issue.

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9. Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Electric Coffee Grinder

The Hamilton Beach electric coffee grinder is quiet when grinding your coffee beans, making early mornings or late nights not an issue. The removable grinding chamber makes it easy to fill without causing a mess and can be simply cleaned once you’re done using it.

The coffee grinder can make twelve cups of coffee and can hold up to nine tablespoons of beans. The hidden cord storage is perfect if you want to leave the grinder out in your kitchen but also makes it easier to store.

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10. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

The Baratza grinders are backed by professionals and makes grinding your own coffee easy. The convenient and front-mounted pulse button makes the grinder user friendly and a simple on/off switch makes it perfect for grinding fresh coffee. With 40 grind settings, you will have no issue finding your prefect grind for the fresh cup of coffee.

The company is also environmentally friendly, so if your grinder stops working they will fix it for you instead of having your throw it away. The design is small and compact, perfect to store next to a coffee maker or in your pantry.

Making your own coffee grinds might seem like a hassle but with these ten amazing coffee grinders you’ll be enjoying your morning cup of coffee in no time.

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