Tea is a great way to boost your system and help with overall health. There are a variety of teas you can choose from that include great antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, or boost your immune system. Lately, we’ve seen a rise in detox tea with celebrities promoting them on Instagram or talking about them in detail on YouTube.

Dipping into a detox tea might sound great to you but you might not know where to start with the aisle being lined with various teas. Detox teas have promoted different effects on the body, from speeding up your metabolism, to helping you stay alert. We took a dive into these teas to find some of the best for you to try out.

Pukka Herbs Organic Herbal Detox Tea

The Pukka Herbs detox tea is caffeine-free, organic, and ethically sourced. The tea has a mixture of aniseed and Chinese star anise, fennel seed, cardamom seed, licorice root, coriander seed, and celery seed. The taste will be a little more on the black licorice side due to all the spices, but it is subtle. The tea is for an everyday detox tea, so you won’t have issues if you drink it every day.

The packaging for the tea is also lovely and looks beautiful left out on the counter or if you want to gift it to a friend. You can find this tea online on Amazon or a variety of different tea sites.

Yogi Detox Tea

Yogi is a brand you’ve probably seen lining your grocery store shelves. They offer a wide variety of teas, including this detox tea. Their detox teas come if a few different flavors that also have different focuses. Their range includes a general detox tea, a skin detox tea, a berry-flavored tea, and a peach flavored.

Yogi says their tea is effective in releasing everyday impurities and helps cleanse the body, liver, and kidneys. Their general detox tea includes a blend of burdock and dandelion roots, juniper berries, ginger root, black pepper, and long pepper. If you need something with a little more flavor, we suggest the berry or peach tea, that has sweeter notes to it.

The Republic of Tea Get Clean No. 7 Herb Tea for Detoxing

If you need a tasty tea to get your going in the morning, Republic of Tea has your back. Their detox tea taste great and is a blend of natural vanilla and almond flavors. Besides that, the tea includes rooibos, milk thistle seed, Indian sarsaparilla root, dandelion root, and more.

The detox tea main focus is helping stimulate your liver and help with detoxification. This tea is one the sweeter tea side and doesn’t offer harsher herbal flavors that we are accustomed to seeing in a detox tea.

Lipton Herbal Supplement with Green Tea Detox

Lipton is a household tea staple. Their green tea detox has a combination of grapefruit, dandelion, and nettle to help promote a healthy detox within your system. You can drink this detox tea hot or iced, depending on your preference, and Lipton recommends you allow it to steep for 4-6 minutes.

This detox tea is different because it is made with green tea and not black. So, if you’re new to the tea word and still getting use to tea flavors, this might be your winner because it isn’t as strong as black tea but still taste really good.

Traditional Medicinals Organic Lemon Everyday Detox Tea

Traditional Medicinals is another brand we are used to seeing on our grocery store shelves. Their detox tea helps promote healthy skin, liver, and kidney functions daily. All the ingredients are certified organic, kosher, and non-GMO, plus it is caffeine free.

The main flavor you get from this tea is lemon and the taste is aromatic and of course lemony, but bright as well. This tea is great to help get your going in the morning and the box holds a hefty amount of tea inside of it, 96 tea bags total!

Total Tea Caffeine Free Detox Tea

The Total Tea detox tea is caffeine free and helps to gentle cleanse the body of waste and toxins. If you have some digestive issues, this tea is gentle on the stomach but offers a great cleanse to help make your system feel better. The tea is made from gluten free ingredients and is also friendly for people on the Keto diet. It tastes great hot or iced. If you’re interested, you can find this tea on Amazon.

Teami 30-Day Detox Tea

With Teami you get a full month of detox tea ready to go. Their tea is packed with herbs that include senna leaf and root, hawthorn berry extract, lotus leaf, and rhubarb. Teami main goal is to target your colon and digestive tract for better overall health.

The tea comes in two packs, one colon, and one called skinny. They’re great when it comes to ridding your body of excess waste and make you feel a little better when you wake up in the morning.

Raw Organics Dandelion Root Tea Detox

Dandelion is a powerful herb to use on the body. It has the ability to boost the health of your urinary tract, kidneys, and liver. This Raw Organics tea primary ingredient is dandelion root and it really is attempting to target your kidneys.

The tea includes ingredients that include Ceylon cinnamon and hibiscus. These can also help stabilize blood pressure and blood sugar levels. The flavor may be a little herbier then people like, but it’s still a good tea to try out.

Gaia Herbs Cleanse and Detox Herbal Tea

Gaia is an inexpensive brand that offers amazing tasting tea. Their detox herbal tea offers ingredients like orthosiphon leaf, licorice root, fennel fruit, and artichoke leaf. The tea helps supports that natural detox features your body already has and really focuses on the liver health.

This tea has a slight licorice flavor, and the artichoke might worry you, but trust us, it tastes great especially in the morning when it is a bit chilly.

Versana Detox Tea

With Versana you get a soothing mixture of dandelion root, lemongrass, lemon peel, peppermint leaf, hibiscus flowers, ginger root, licorice root, and coriander seeds. The tea has a great mixture of herbs and citrus that helps wake you up in the morning. Besides focusing on a detox, the tea can help clear your airways and re-energize your body.

This tea is awesome because it’s caffeine-free and comes at a great price. The flavor of the tea is unique especially if you’re fresh to the tea world, but it doesn’t leave any bad after taste.

Detox teas are great to use to help get your body back in balance and helping with any digestive issues you might be having. All of these teas help promote a healthier liver and kidney functions and although some have a herbier taste, they are all great for a morning boost.

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