It may sound wild, but dairy-free cheese is a thing, and it is actually pretty good. Recently veganism has grown in popularity but with that means the loss of some of our favorite dairy cheeses. Fortunately, companies have been working on a formula to make dairy-free cheese just as delicious as a piece of dairy cheese.

When heading to the grocery store, you might see a variety of dairy-free cheeses lining the shelves, but which cheese is worth the expense? We tried out some of the most popular dairy-free cheeses to find which one is worth it.

Good Foods Plant-Based Queso

We can all agree that a good queso dip brings a smile to your face and a little more joy to your heart. With the Good Foods queso dip, you get a creamy texture that is great for all dippers including tortilla chips, veggies, or crackers. The ingredient list is super clean, which is vital to some people, and the very first ingredient is cauliflower.

Violife Just Like Mature Cheddar Slices

Kraft sliced cheese is a jam, it’s great for grilled cheese, easy-to-peel- cheese goodness and Violife is attempting to replicate that. These cheddar slices are the ultimate threat, they’re super soft, they melt, and the taste is buttery. These cheeses are great for snacks or burgers and sandwiches. The pack comes with ten slices of cheese, and they’re non-GMO.

Kite Hill Everything Almond Milk Cream Cheese Spread

A good smear of cream cheese of a bagel is what dreams are made of and going vegan might make you miss that. Kite Hill has the answer for that with their all-vegan cream cheese. The cream cheese is almond based and has a creamy but tangy flavor that easily spreadable and will remind you of the real thing.

Field Roast Creamy Original Chao Slices

Charcuterie boards can still be a thing with the Field Roast Chao Slices. Tofu lovers rejoice because this cheese is made from coconut and fermented tofu. The ingredients give it a soft and creamy texture, and the flavor is mild and sweet. It’s great for sandwiches but can also be sliced up and ate with crackers and other great dairy-free cheeses.

So Delicious Cheddar Flavored Shreds

Shredded cheese is great for literally everything, it is like the best universal cheese, and you can get that dairy-free as well. So Delicious is the winner for having their dairy-free shredded cheddar cheese taste just like the real thing. The cheese is salty and has a cheesy flavour, but also it has the iconic neon orange color that all the best-shredded cheese has.

Follow Your Heart Feta Crumbles

Feta crumbles are a salad staple, and you might be missing them if you went dairy-free. With the Follow Your Heart feta crumbles you don’t have to worry anymore. The cheese is crumbly but tangy, just like feta should be. You can use this dairy-free cheese for salads, but it can also be melted down for foods like spanakopita.

Kite Hill Ricotta

That’s right, Kite Hill made a list twice with their ricotta. Their ricotta, similar to the cream cheese, is made with almonds that offer a light and fluffy texture that is perfect for lasagna. The flavor is sweet but subtle, making it a super universal dairy-free cheese. One thing to take into consideration is this ricotta is a little drier than your standard ricotta.

Daiya Mozzarella

Daiya has been in the dairy-free cheese game for a while and is probably one of the most popular. The list of Daiya cheese is massive, and honestly, you’ve probably tried their product at least once. They offer a dairy-free mozzarella in two ways, shredded, and sliced. This mozzarella cheese is perfect for pizza or a sandwich and is excellent for melting and getting a gooey texture.

Trader Joe’s Vegan Mozzarella Shreds

Trader Joe’s has a variety of unique and delicious dairy-free options for its customers, and that includes their cheese. Their dairy-free cheese section makes vegan hearts sing, and their vegan mozzarella shreds are perfect for Italian dishes and pizza. The mozzarella will melt entirely, and it tastes pretty close to the real thing.

Even if you decide to go dairy-free, it doesn’t mean you lose all your favorite snacks, including cheese. Companies are starting to lean into dairy-free and plant-based alternatives massively right now, which can cater to almost all your needs. These dairy-free cheeses above will make you feel like you’re eating the real thing and honestly, you won’t even miss it.

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