Sunday, November 24, 2013

TUNE 2 is out!

TUNE 2: Still Life is now on sale.


Steve Ford said...

I got mine, and I love it. Here's hoping next year might see a continuation!

Derek Kirk Kim said...

Thanks, Steve! First Second has no plans to continue it at the moment. The sales are too poor. But don't worry, I won't keep the few of you into it hanging. I'm planning to at least post the rest of the story online in script or thumbnail form.

Dat Vinci said...

Hey, Derek. Hang in there. The sales will go up soon. All it need is a little more "promotion". Oh yeah, I tried to post some fan-art on deviantart. Sadly, I suck at drawing and none of these are getting any comments. Damn it, I'll just keep trying.

Dat Vinci said...

Derek Kirk Kim said...

Dat Vinci, thank you, those are awesome! So amazing to see some fanart of TUNE. I think you're only one of maybe two people that's ever done any, so it's amazing to me. I'm sorry you're not getting any responses to them. I wish there was even a little bit of a fanbase to share in your enthusiasm. Oh well, at least we like it, right? :)

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