Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Breakfast Tune


Anonymous said...

when is this coming back???

Gabeebees said...

Hello, does this mean that the webcomic won't be updated any longer? I'm just a bit confused with the updates since there are no more chapters following the last one, Chapter 18, except for the two posters. :) Anyway, awesome work! I fell inlove with your style and way of writing since Same Difference. Your books are so hard to find here in the Philippines! But keep up the awesome work. :) Kudos to Tune and Mythomania. You inspired me greatly this year.

Derek Kirk Kim said...

Hey guys, thanks for continued interest.

It's not going to continue online until the second book is out. After that, it's kind of up in the air depending on whether my publisher wants to continue with the series. But somehow, someway, I will finish this story online. I don't want to leave the two of you hanging.

Gabeebees, thank you for all the kind words!

Dieter said...

Hey DKK!
Ordered my copy this time thru the mighty trusted comic book shop around the corner. Hope there will be at least Vol. 3. ;)

All the best to you,

Benjamin said...

Holy tilapia, I seriously laughed really hard at that "The Breakfast Club" parody image. I also hesitated to throw in an all caps "LOL" at the beginning of this post because I noticed everyone using proper grammar and sentences. Just saying.

But seriously, I still check instinctively on the TUNE website to see if there's an update. The publications will definitely be some of the first books I buy when I start building/making space for a personal collection of graphic novels.

Derek Kirk Kim said...

Thanks, Dieter! I hope so too.

Thanks, Benjamin! Glad you enjoyed it. :) And I'm honored Tune will be some of your first graphic novels.

Dieter said...

Hey DKK! It's me again. Received "Tune 2" yesterday. It was fun to read these chapters again. I can't wait for this story to continue.


I noticed you changed the pattern on Mo's skin. :)

Derek Kirk Kim said...

Thank you, Dieter!

And yes, after everyone told me his old stripes looked too much like Adidas I changed it. :)