Monday, April 23, 2012

TUNE, Chapter 17

Chapter 17 of TUNE starts today! Through careful scheming with Dash, Andy has somehow managed to bring Yumi into his cell. But this not his Yumi. Who is this Yumi and why won't she eat an Eggo?

MoCCA Festival 2012

I'll be making a rare appearance at the MoCCA Fest in New York this weekend. Here is my schedule below:

Saturday, 5-6pm: Signing at the First Second Books booth.
Sunday, 11:15am: "Graphic Novels for Young Adults" panel.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

10 Awesomely Terrible Fantasy Author Websites

I used to read a lot of fantasy novels when I was a kid. In fact that's all I read for the first couple years in high school. If a book didn't have centaurs and a "door into a magical world," I wasn't interested. Every once in a while, I feel a tug of nostalgia for the authors I grew up loving so I'll seek them out on the internet to see what they've been up to. And almost always, I'm smacked in the eyeballs by multi-colored fonts and background images louder than Nicki Minaj's wigs. To join the illustrious ranks of the professional fantasy author, it seems one must sign a pact, punishable by death if breached, which dictate that his or her website be a time portal to the early 90's when Geocities and animated gifs ruled supreme.

On one hand, they are totally awesome in that the host just doesn't seem to give a shit. These sites have a personal touch that's much more enduring than some cold, slick, corporate, Flash-flashy website. On the otherhand, they're just eye-bleedingly awful. You decide!

Disclaimer: I respect all the authors which the sites below serve (and love most of them); this is not a comment on the authors themselves, just on the baffling design choices of their websites. All screencaps were taken on the date of this writing.

For someone so successful, this is the most bad-ass "fuck you, you'll take it and like it" website on the internet.

I'm haunted by the words, "Last Updated 4/2/12" 2012?!

What, no MIDI?

You have to go to the actual site for the awesome light show.

First 3 rules of fantasy author website design: empty space.

Remember, kids, you've failed if the visitor can read what you've written. Also...Angelfire??

I don't know what I'm supposed to do with this.

Friday, April 6, 2012

"TUNE, Book 1: Vanishing Point" Cover

With the secondary title now in place, I present to you the cover for "TUNE, Book 1: Vanishing Point":

Coming this Fall: November 13, 2012! Now available for pre-order on Amazon.

TUNE, Book 1 Title Contest Winners!

And now the winners of the TUNE, Book 1 Title Contest!

Michael Stupin
"Vanishing Point"

Steve Mruskovic
"Help Wanted"

Kara Wright
"Any Other World"

Congratulations to the winners!!

The winning title was chosen because it encapsulated a lot themes in the story, particularly that of the first volume. Not only does it literally signify the moment Andy vanishes from his plane of existence, it also hints at the larger theme of art, which the story is very much about. Also, a vanishing point is something abstract; something always in the far distance on the horizon. No matter where you are in space, the vanishing point will forever be out of reach.... Something that very much applies to Andy and his dreams. So thank you Michael for the great title!

But there were so many great entries, particularly the runner-ups, so it was very hard to choose, believe me. To everyone that entered, my sincerest thank you! I am eternally grateful for your help.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meanwhile in TUNE...

Now with 100% more eggplant.

If you haven't been reading, TUNE is now up to Chapter 16 and going strong. Haven't missed an update since I started I'm proud to say.


Below is a list of every title suggested. Do you have any favorites? I would love to hear what you guys think. The winners will be announced on Friday!

First Contact
The Proposal
Not How I Planned It
Things Are Finally Looking Up
Such Is Life
She Loves Meee!
Welcome to the Zoo
Help Wanted
The Contract
Singing the Blues
Songs of Love
Aigoo, My Son!
Fear is What Keeps Us Here
G Sharp
Vanishing Point
Signing Bonus
Terms & Conditions
Rejection Letters
Selling Out
Human Safari
No Experience Necessary
The Fine Print
A Cordial Accord
Lawrence Pernica
Slide, Andy, Slide !
Life Medium Dry
Mondays Delight
Space Cowboy
A Voyage Unparalleled
How to win a girlfriend and influence aliens
Career Choice
Secret Love Interests and Other Worlds
Exciting Adventures in Unemployment
Exciting Employment Opportunities
The Retirement package
Don't forget Dental!
Voyage down under
Voyage around the corner
Dilithium Crystals go!
Lights out
Pinball Wizard
Where no man has gone before
A great discovery
The job offer
A job is a job
The Afterthought
Any Other World
Melodies of Life or
Andante in Life Minor
Allegro in Life
Wasted Talent and Interdimensional Job Opportunities
Heartspace Frequencies
One small step for loser, one giant leap for love
Take A Step Back Now
The Contract
For The Love Of Yumi
Out Of Tune
Andys Tune
Andy, Yumi, Dash And All The Rest
...and then there was TUNE
From Student To Zoo Exhibit
single and unemployed
whatcha talk'n bout i can't leave
give up all hope
love and other extreme sports
gangstas paradise
heart in a cage
Im loser baby so why dont you kill me
dropping out
going no where
been where way too long
the sad life of an illustration major
love and monkeys
an exhibition of the human species
lost wavelengths
Different Wavelenghts
Drawn & Syncopated
Alien Syncopation
Hello, Goodbye
Praxis & Allies (in case you want to go back to your editor and say, "Look, some other people suggested it!")
Like a Pinball on a Treadmill
Leaving Earth
Drawing Apart
Spaced Out
Spacing Out
Go Andy Go
Going Going Gone
A Prison of My Own Making
Lonely and Locked Up
Locked Up and Lonely
Zoology of Andy (Go)
A Steady Diet
Dimensional Pinball
A Weird Awakening
One Crazy Dream
Fully Awake Now
Structure and Form
Dropping Out
Tuning In
Dropping Out and Tuning In
Interdimensional "Aigoo!"
Illustrious Offer
Illustrious Opportunity
Illustration 1
Sketch the Monkey's
Go Draw a Tree
Go, Go!
On the Horizon!
Job Search
A Relocation
The Contract
Take a Da Job!
Not Human
Human Animal
Praxian Overture
Crushes and Contracts
Contractual Captivity
Art Students are Animals
The Starving Artist
Rhapsody in Blue
Painted into a Corner
Loved and Lost
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
A Duet in the Making
Lonely as a Cloud
On The Dotted Line
Orchestra warm up
Warm up
Tuning up
Andy is a Go!
The loser's lucky break
Ballad of a loser
Strange occurrences
Prologue: Out of tune
Tuning up
Rough sketches of...
Prologue: Bad reception
A life in the day
Lives of our days
Artistic Ventures
The dream girl, The geek dream...... and the fine print.
Love, Space, Fine print.
Love, Space, and Contractual Law
Outta Sync & Outta Tune

Spaces Between Stars

In Spaces Between


Negative Space


In (so that the book would actually read "TUNE: In")


Drawing Fine Lines
Someone's Listening
Go Tune
The Ballad of Andy Go
Anyone Out There