Monday, January 16, 2012

TUNE, Book 1 Title Contest


Hey, TUNE readers, I need your help!

TUNE, Book 1 will be published by First Second Books in the fall later this year, and they want a secondary title for each volume. For example, "BONE, Book 1: Out of Boneville" or "Lord of the Rings, Book 2: The Two Towers," etc. I suggested "Praxis and Allies" for the first book, but my editor didn't like it. So I've been racking my brains for a better title, but it's been really difficult. This is where you come in. You may have a chance to title the book and see it emblazoned on the cover of every single copy of TUNE, Book 1 for the rest of eternity!

Book 1 covers chapters 1-10, so the title should be appropriate for that span in the story. Good luck!

RULES: Enter via tunebook1title(at)yahoo(dot)com. You can enter as many titles as you like. If the winning title is entered by multiple contestants, the earliest received entry will be selected as the winner. And feel free to post your entries in the comments section below for discussion!

Winner: A signed copy of TUNE, Book 1: "Insert You Awesome Title Here", an original drawing by Derek Kirk Kim of any 2 characters of the winner's choosing, and a special thank you credit in the book.
Two runner ups: A signed copy of TUNE, Book 1: "Insert You Awesome Title Here."

DEADLINE: January 30, 2011

DISCLAIMER: There's no guarantee of a winner as none of the entries might be appropriate, but I have faith in the whip-smart TUNE community to come up with something awesome and clever! But even if I end up using a title of my own, the prizes will still be awarded to my top three favorite entries.


Carl Walker said...

I would submit a suggestion, but I'm actually waiting to read your latest comic in book form for various reasons, so I wouldn't be able to title it. What I was wondering is, do you know when we'll be able to pre-order this, ether from the publisher or from online megasites? I don't want to miss it! (I do realize this might be a bit premature seeing that, well, there's not yet a full title!)

Derek Kirk Kim said...

Hey Carl, that's totally understandable. I prefer reading comics in book form myself.

I have no idea when it will ready for preorder. Probably a few months from now? I'll definitely let everyone know when the order page is up though. Thank you in advance!

MK Reed said...

Derek, how is this contest not called Name That Tune?

Derek Kirk Kim said...