Thursday, March 12, 2009

Newsarama Interview

There's an interview with Gene and me up at in case you wanted to read a little more about The Eternal Smile and how we ended up working together on it. As usual, Gene has some great, insightful answers about the stories.


ji eun said...

Awesome! Looking forward to its release and all the other new stuff you're working on.

I'll be at ECCC this year, so I'll finally be able to meet you! :D ahhh I'm exciteddd

chong said... online pre-sale figures significantly affect how many copies your publisher will print? i was thinking of buying from a small/local store that would likely carry the book, hoping to support them and you guys at the same time. however if the pre-sale improves buzz, i could always go that route.

DKK said...

I think First Second already went to print with the first print run so it should be all good wherever you buy it from. Thanks for the support, chong!

Ji eun, glad you can make it out to ECCC! I'm bummed to say I don't think I'll have a new issue of Lowbright ready for the con like I planned. Dang it all... Ah well.