Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A look inside "The Eternal Smile"

The new catalog for First Second's spring releases has hit the web! Among the releases this spring, of course, is The Eternal Smile, the book I illustrated, written by Gene Yang. And along with the online catalog comes a look inside. First of all, here are the interior covers to the three stories that make up the book:

There are also excerpts from Duncan's Kingdom here, and Gran'pa Greenbax and The Eternal Smile here. An online excerpt for Urgent Request is also available but I'm not gonna link it because it contains some major spoilers. Seriously, if you want a complete reading experience the way Gene intended, you won't want to read it. If you don't care about spoilers though, feel free, I guess.

And just to remind you, The Eternal Smile will be in stores April 27th. If you're local to Portland, OR, I'll be doing a reading and signing at Powell's (on Burnside) on the release date with a couple other cartoonists. I'll release more info on that when it draws nearer though.

Well, I hope you enjoy this look inside the book. If you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to post in the comments. Thanks!


Rei said...

Holy shit, this comes with Duncan's Kingdom?! I loved that story. I'll definitely have to pick this up sometime. When I get money.

Sleemo said...

it looks like the frog guy from Gran'Pa Greenbax is similar to the Duncan's Kingdom frog guys. Do these 3 stories intertwine, similar to American Born Chinese?

Side note, I tried to buy this from the First Second booth at comic con, not realizing it was only a preview copy. Was crushed when they took it away from me and said I couldn't have it.

DKK said...

Rei, yup! Only now it's fully colored (by me) and relettered and touched up in a few places. It's like "Duncan's Kingdom Enhanced" or something.

Sleemo, it doesn't link plot-wise but does link thematically. It's sort of like looking at something from three different angles. As for the similarities in frogs, well, that's just my limits in drawing, I guess. Sorry you couldn't grab once NYCC!

Sleemo said...

No no, I wouldn't say it's a limit in drawing. They are just both frogs, that's why I was curious.

Really looking forward to this.

DKK said...

Thanks, Sleemo! Hope you dig it.

And actually, we really tried hard to work frogs into the third story to have them run through the whole book, but it just didn't work out. Why frogs? I don't know either, Gene's just got this huge boner for frogs for some reason.

Sleemo said...

If nothing else, it could have been raining Cats & Frogs.

Haha...Hope to see more of Gene's Frog Boner in the future.

Jw fordham said...

So is Gran'pa Greenbax an homage to Scrooge McDuck ?

Monkeyfeather said...

Looks great Derek. I'm really looking forward to the book. Hopefully I'll be able to make it to your reading at Powell's.

Jeremy said...

wow! Urgent Request looks gorgeous! although, i'm bummed that i skimmed through the preview before reading your spoiler warning. DAMMIT

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DKK said...

JW - Totally!