Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thank you, Umma!


Lina said...

Aww... that is adorable. Our linen closet is full of mismatched towels with Korean lettering and random dates on them. Not sure where my mom finds these, but I don't think she's ever bought her own towel in her life. Falls under the 'waste of money' category

chong said...

why buy the towels when you can get them for free from church/banks/supermarkets/workplace functions?

is hetbap/microwaveable rice even tastey?

Charlene said...

I'm pretty sure random Korean towels have somehow found their way into my linen closet at one point too. How oddly awesome is it that Korean people can relate to each other in ways like this?

Moms are great. Mine frowns upon microwaveable rice, though. O_o I would say that they're pretty good.

DKK said...

Fo' sho. There isn't an unattended hotel towel that's safe from the Korean mom.

The microwave rice is surprisingly okay. I dig the chewy consistency.

Anonymous said...

i know it's nit-picking, but it's 사랑해요. not 사랑헤요.

i really love your stuff!

-a fan