Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Hero

In case you've ever wondered what it means to be Korean, watch this drummer:


Jon said...

Is that drummer surrrious, hahaha

This is the kind of Korean music my father listens to.
Derek, please tell me why he enjoys this stuff?

fredland said...

amen, brother. amen.

Charlene said...

Oh GOD memories of my aunt playing cassette tapes of music like this, while singing along at the top of her lungs (at least she sung well)!!

The drummer: so into it, it's hilariously AWEsome. I think he's Jack Black in disguise. Or at least a well-dressed mosher.

Thank you for this kitsch wrapped in glitz. :D

llee said...

HAHAHAHAHA...he's awesome!

we're not all that goofy or silly...erm, most of the time.

let's hear it for ppong jah. yay!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA He's so into it. His drumming is more interesting then the song + singer combined.
d (>U<) b

Jenny S. said...

Argh it's so true. But I guess he's happy!

My dad loves this kind of music too. Why, dad, WHY

klos said...

In his age, I wanna be such a comicbook artist like he's a drummer :]

Társio said...

haha korean are cool!

So, I'm a fan from Brazil, what explain my sucking english. And you know you have like a community on a relationship site( It has the weird name of - dont't get scared and call the cia, please - "Derek Kirk Kim must die".
It's suppose to be a joke like "he is so good that i want to kil him" Yeah... The important is that brazilian people (total:10) like your comics.

"abraços e tchau!"

John D. Moore said...

This is strangely inspirational and... cathartic? I've watched it seeral times.

This type of music exists somewhere in my past, though I'm not sure why.

Z said...

Man, he's got some energy. Especially towards the end.

I liked how the camera focused on him, briefly, when he'd calmed down a a bit, and soon as he started to go off again, the camera pans across to the guitarist, as if to say, 'Okay, maybe this guy's a little less crazy...!'