Thursday, November 6, 2008

It never ends...

Not to be a killjoy, but it wasn't all flowers and rainbows yesterday...

Arizona Proposition 102: Ban on Gay Marriage: 56% Yes
Arkansas Initiative 1: Ban on Gay Couples Adopting Children: 57% Yes
California Proposition 8: Ban on Gay Marriage: 52% Yes
Florida Amendment 2: Ban on Gay Marriage: 62% Yes

It's so frustrating how people herald the breaking of one barrier, and then turn right around and discriminate against another group.

And of course the ultimate irony being Obama's stance on gay marriage and how he would have probably voted had he been a resident of those states. Not speaking about the adoption issue of course, which he does support. (Please put down the pitchforks, Obamaniacs -- I'm just stating a fact, not making a judgement call.)

But on the other hand:

Colorado Amendment 48: Human Life from Moment of Conception: 73% No
Michigan Proposition 2: Allow Stem Cell Research: 53% Yes
South Dakota Initiative 11: Abortion Limits: 55% No
Washington Initiative 1000: Allow Doctor-Assisted Suicide: 59% Yes

Hell. YES. It's heartening to know rationality and sanity can prevail.



Anonymous said...

Obama and Biden had both come out specifically against prop 8 (albeit in a really weasly way on Obama's part). To Biden's credit he called prop 8 unfair and regressive while Obama just called it unnecessary.

jason shiga said...

Since when do politicians risk their political careers for doing what's right? That said, this pasty fat republican codger deserves a friggin' medal.
Remind me to give this guy a free comic if he ever drops by my table at comicon.

Migook Saram said...

Don't forget Michigan Proposal 1 (Allow medical use of marijuana): 63% Yes (per