Monday, November 10, 2008

Gene Yang in The New York Times!

Gene Yang's latest project is up on the Funny Pages section of the New York Times Magazine today. It's a short story called Prime Baby, and it'll be serialized every Sunday for the next 18 weeks.

Awww yeah!!


Anonymous said...

If you are in or near State College, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday,
Dec. 10, Gene Yang will be giving the talk “Why Comics?” in the Foster Auditorium, Pattee Library at 4pm.

This should be a good talk.

Anonymous said...

This refers to the top comment.

The talk will be in Foster Auditorium, Pattee Library. PENN STATE UNIVERSITY in State College, Pennsylvania.

Sorry I left this out.

Anonymous said...

It was SRO (standing room only) at Foster Auditorium, Penn State Libraries for the Yang talk. He delivered a very funny, very informative talk. He mentioned that he is working with DKK on a project. Any news on this, DKK?

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