Friday, October 3, 2008

Good Times


Dr. fredson said...

"...its the stuff that created me"

"what god?"

"yes.............jizzus sauce"

That's probably what I would of said to my mother. haha

Charlene said...

Oh dear LORD the hilariously embarrassing results of Korean moms. Speaking of which, have you heard (or has anyone) of "Stuff Korean Moms Like" on It's quite painfully and truthfully funny. :)

PS: Sorry for commenting so many times. I really should stop being a creeper. O_o

chong said...

wow you can watch titties on tv with your mom?! mine still thinks actors are "fake kissing".

Anonymous said...

Once I left the tv on Nip/Tuck while my mom was in the room... that was awkward.
I generally avoid anything on Cable tv when my mom is within earshot.