Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Visions of the Future

Episode One: The Intelligence Revolution

Episode Two: The Biotech Revolution

Episode Three: The Quantum Revolution

In case you didn't catch this amazing 3-part BBC documentary from last year, I'm posting it here. Because everyone needs to see it. It's presented by one of my favorite physicists -- and probably my favorite Asian American that I don't know personally -- Michio Kaku. The third part, The Quantum Revolution, is my favorite just because it's the topic I'm most nerdy about, but they're all fantastic. Eye-opening and intensely thought-provoking. This upcoming century is going to be incredible. And scary. Invisibility? Teleportation? Elevators to space? The friggin' Replicators from Star Trek? They're all coming, probably within this century, thanks to exponentially growing computing power. And with the coming of all this SF-turned-to-real-life technology, also comes all kinds of questions and scenarios for the future of humankind.


Amy said...

I love love love Michio Kaku! Thank you so much for posting this, already watched episode 1. Makes me want to write a sci-fi and go visit Japan again.

Have you read his biography on Einstein? It's wonderful! My favorite book of his is Hyperspace, it was a religious experience for me. :P

DKK said...

You ever seen that show, "Sliders"? In the first episode, the book Jerry O'Connell falls asleep reading is "Visions" by Kaku! You knew the show was gonna be horrible after that.