Thursday, July 10, 2008


Originally, I was thinking of laying out "Good As Lily" as well, but Jesse wanted to do that himself. I did scribble out the thumbnail for the first page though which you can see above. I thought it'd be fun to compare how Jesse and I layout a scene. If you look at my thumbnail and Jesse's finished art on the first page of "Good As Lily," you'll see that we have very different approaches to storytelling.

Also, you'll notice there's a little picture of Grace as well as some other data like "user" and "date" above the narration in my thumbnail. That's because originally I was going to have her narration bits be her LiveJournal posts complete with accompanying avatars. I abandoned that idea early on though.

Welp, this wraps up the behind the scenes look at "Good As Lily." I hope you enjoyed it. (And I hope you'll consider picking up the book! ;)

My thanks to everyone that picked up the book and gave such nice feedback and reviews! I really appreciate the support!


aviv-really said...

I enjoyed the behind scenes posts and am definitely gonna buy this book as soon as it'll get here. By "here" I mean "Israel". We do have Same Difference, though - perhaps Good As Lily will follow. Worst case scenario -


Black Pete said...

I got the book out of the library (which does not preclude buying it!), and want to tell you that it is splendid! One of the best graphic novels I've ever read.

I doubt that the idea of visiting oneself in the past to change something in one's life is a new one, but three different versions of oneself sat once? Opened up a whole boatload of possibilities, and you dealt with them very well.

I am a little unsure of the ice cream seller and the 75-year-old Grace--they look so much alike that I was a bit disoriented when elder Grace appeared.

If I wasn't nursing a cold, I'd write more. Maybe later.