Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Clothes Part 2


Cipanus said...

Hey there,

"no bunching at the wrist of sleeve"?

My you're really specific. I'm not sure, is that good or bad?

I love the way you draw women. And uh my favourite comic of yours is the one with God and the broomstick ...what was it? About Korean bathrooms I think and there's a picture of God with a broom-stick and you have your pants down and...well, I feel that way sometimes too...(not having God shove a broomstick up my ass but having God not on my side...)

chong said...


please make up some "pick-and-scratch/grid" t-shirts, like the one grace receives on her birthday! if you sold them (online or at shows), i bet folks would buy them.

ps. re: 70yr old grace's jacket: the quilted jacket is spot on! i got my mom one and wears it all the time. so do my two aunts, and all their ahjumma friends....

DKK said...

Awesome, I knew Koreans would understand. ;)

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