Monday, July 7, 2008

Clothes Part 1

I wanted the important characters in "Good As Lily" to change their clothes with every scene to make them seem more realistic. I dictated all these "costume changes" as well, as you can see from the sketch above. I didn't bother with the minor characters though; because they didn't have much "screen time", I thought it might be confusing if I changed their clothes around. For the sake of clarity, I kept the clothes the same for the alternate Graces throughout too.

Even though I wasn't drawing this particular project, I couldn't let go of the one part of the comics creating process that's genuinely enjoyable. It's fun playing paper dolls with characters. It's fun and challenging trying to stay consistent to a particular person's fashion sense since everyone's is different. I'm such a girl...


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This is pretty good because the person who created this has a wide fashion sense, actually was so creative because costumes can be changed.m10m

radicalcompounds said...

Hello! I'm a USC graduate student working on an article about Asian American comics, and I have a couple of questions about Good As Lily. First, Grace's t-shirt (and by extension, the logo for Lowbright) - why did you choose this image (coiled poop) for the logo, and what influenced you for the design? Is Sofutu Fiery a San Fransisco-based band? Sorry for questions on minutiae - the article will be about popular culture, and I'd like to get references straight.

Thank you,
Shannon Z.