Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blast From The Past: Look-A-Like Contest!

Back in the hazy mists of 2003, when "Same Difference" wasn't even on paper yet and this site actually had readers, I had a look-a-like contest! It seemed like a waste to let such a highlight of this site's past disappear into the ether, so I've decided to archive it here on my blog. So click the image on the left to relive the magic!

The contest was quite successful as you can see by the entries. One thing I'm really bummed not to have archived is the comments. While the contest was going on with new entries added each day, there was quite a lively conversation going on in the comments section of the contest page. There was an alarming amount of name-calling and bickering. I was taken aback. I thought it'd be a fun little thing for the site, but some people really took it seriously. Never underestimate the negativity of the internet... It's too bad none of that was saved. It was quite entertaining. But when I logged into my Haloscan account after 5 years, all the comments had been deleted. Aw, what a waste... C'mon, Haloscan, why you gotta?

There's one tragic addendum to this contest. Shari, one of the Nancy look-a-likes, turned out to be a friend of a friend. I met her in person later that year and she seemed very nice. But shortly after I met her, she was tragically hit and killed by a drunk driver. When I first heard about it, it hit me like a brick. And this was for someone I barely even knew. I can't imagine what it'd be like to lose a family member or a friend like that. I don't want to imagine it. To all of Shari's family and friends, my deepest condolences.

People... don't be an asshole. Please don't fuckin' drink and drive. It's not only your life you're endangering.


Stacey said...

I'm still reading! Though I'll admit I didn't visit for a long while when the site wasn't really updating. But it's been great to hear what you are up to again and I loved the behind the scenes stuff for "Good as Lily."

I remember the lookalike contest from back in the day, too. It was impressive how much work people put into it.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, this is incredible. I'm so glad you put this back up, Derek! There are some eerily accurate look-a-likes in there.

Bummed I never got to see the squabbling.

- e

robert said...

We are still here. Like flies into the fire. We keep coming back. Glad to see you updating it with your blog.